Many people can be self-conscious about wearing glasses but with the right pair there's really no need! Well-chosen frames can be a great fashion accessory - who knows, you may soon never want to leave home without them.The frames available for your glasses may vary
. Here are a few rough guidelines that you should consider to narrow down your search for the perfect frames.If your head is as long as it is wide and you have a deep forehead and a square jaw line, you'll have a face that is square in appearance. To balance this, try wearing oval, rounded frames. If you're looking for a good example of this, look to Sarah Palin who caused a stir with her oval glasses in the 2008 US election If you're looking for a less-political style icon, consider Johnny Depp who has been channeling European sophistication with his oval frames since the nineties.If your face is about 50% longer than it is wide and you have an oval-shaped jaw line that is narrower than your jaw, your face is a rough oval shape. Luckily for you, most designer glasses will suit your face - this is just a case of choosing the pair you prefer. Look to Tina Fey or Bono for some celebrity inspiration. For those of you with a round face - where your face is as long as it is wide and your jaw line is as rounded as your forehead - you are more likely to suit a squarer frame to off-set the roundness in your face fashion blog. Try and find a frame that is wide but quite shallow, taking a lengthened, rectangular shape. Lindsay Lohan can often be seen wearing this style of glasses.Heart shaped faces that are narrower at the chin than the forehead should avoid wide frames that will overpower the face. Instead, try smaller rounded or square-shaped glasses like the smaller aviators worn by Rihanna and Reese Witherspoon.Finally, if you have a long oval face, where your jaw line is oval and you have a long forehead, you ought to go for a bolder frame. Consider top-heavy frames with a generally large, square shape. Kirsten Dunst is a great example of this style of frame. If you need more inspiration, check out what star stylist Gok Wan has to say on the matter Christian Louboutin Belle Python Ankle Boots Black 100mm. Gok has got to be Britain's most stylish purveyor of specs, and has lots of tips on how to look good wearing them. He himself prefers long rectangular frames in bold colours, like designer glasses Osiris vogue. Report this article 

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